Alessandra Harris

Alessandra Harris

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  • San Francisco Bay Area
Novelist, wife, mother, and BCM co-founder. Degrees in Comparative Religious studies and Middle East Studies and currently studying in the Diocese of San Jose's Institute for Leadership in Ministry.

Opinion: Catholics should care about Meghan Markle's mental health

Meghan and Harry's recent interview with Oprah has opened an international conversation about power, racism, and mental health. Alessandra Harris dissects and reflects.

Fr Ubald Rugirangoga, famed Rwandan healer, succumbs to COVID-19

A Rwandan priest, known for healing social and bodily sickness, has himself succumbed to illness at the age of 65.

Opinion: Gloria Purvis deserved better

In the wake of EWTN's widely-condemned decision to remove Gloria Purvis from the air, Black Catholic author Alessandra Harris speaks out in her defense.

Largest Facebook group for Black Catholics hosts gathering for Black Catholic History Month

The largest group on Facebook for Black Catholics hosted a Black Catholic History month event, including trivia, testimonies, and an original litany for Black saints-to-be.

Black Forgiveness and Messianic Reconciliation

In the midst of turmoil and all manner of distress, where does the Black Catholic find hope? What will be the authentic path to freedom?
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