Augustus Tolton

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Historic Black parishes in Chicago on the chopping block

Several Chicago Black parishes will soon merge or close, with the parochial legacy of legendary Black priests falling victim to the bottom line.

Trump's hero garden to feature greats, not-so-greats, and several Black Catholics

244 Americans are included in Trump's planned statue garden in DC, but the list—which includes Black Catholics and anti-Black ones—is furrowing more than a few eyebrows.

Picture of Chicago's Tolton Spirituality Center becomes clearer

The nascent Tolton Center will apparently have a unique relationship with both Ven. Fr Augustus' sainthood cause and Chicago's parish reorganization plans.

$1M Lily Grant will fund Tolton Center in Chicago

A new resource will help Chicago parishes and promote the only African-American priest on the road to sainthood, but the details and vision are murky.
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