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Walter Naegle on the legacy of his late partner Bayard Rustin

The story of the Civil Rights Movement is hardly complete without the tale of one Bayard Rustin, a luminary in his own time cut down by anti-LGBT prejudice.

USCCB's Catholic News Service establishes 'The Griot's Cross', new Black Catholic history column from Dr. Shannen Dee Williams

America's Catholic bishops, via their news arm, establish a new monthly column covering Black Catholic history.

Remembering Helen Caldwell Riley Day

On the feast day of Dorothy Day, we remember the Black Catholic Workers upon whose shoulders we stand.

Remembering Fathers Dukette and Dorsey

As we honor a new triumph in Black Catholicism, we must also remember the struggles that made it possible. Featuring the 2nd Black priest ordained the US and the 1st ordained in Detroit.

Leaders react to the elevation of the first African-American cardinal

Figures from around the world react to Pope Francis' appointment of the Catholic Church's first-ever African-American cardinal, Wilton Daniel Gregory.

Installation Mass of Wilton Cardinal Gregory, Nov 28th at 9am CST (stream)

Watch the installation of the first-ever African-American cardinal, Wilton Daniel Gregory.

Black Catholic History Month mashup

Three largely forgotten Black Catholics are on display: victims of racism, erasure, the allure of non-Blackness, and—of course—the times.
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