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'Plaid Skirts & Basic Black' podcast brings light—and Blackness

A veteran Black Catholic podcast enters its third year, interviewing Black Catholics from around the country and world about their stories and shared faith.

Walter Naegle on the legacy of his late partner Bayard Rustin

The story of the Civil Rights Movement is hardly complete without the tale of one Bayard Rustin, a luminary in his own time cut down by anti-LGBT prejudice.

Naismith Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens talks life, basketball, education, and social justice

Lenny Wilkens explains his NBA journey, his roots, his resolve, and his Catholic faith.

Amanda Gorman: Poet Laureate, bestseller, Ivy Leaguer and Black Catholic

Though the world may not yet know it, the nation's first National Youth Poet Laureate, author of the most riveting poem of recent memory, is a Black Catholic.

'Unification education, honesty, protection': Part 6 of our interview with Sasha Massey

The future of Catholicism—and Black Catholicism—is discussed here in the close to our interview with Sasha Massey, and she does not disappoint.

Kwanzaa, Day 6 (Kuumba): Creativity on display in part 5 of our interview with Sasha Massey

Kwanzaa's sixth day commemorates the familiar topic of creativity, something not at all lacking in the Black community—or in the ambo of the Lafayette cathedral.

'Educating yourself is arming yourself against ignorance': Part 4 of our interview with Sasha Massey

Our interview with Sasha Massey continues, highlighting history, family dynamics, mental health, angels, and—of course—the Spirituals.
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