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UPDATED: Catholic professor from Notre Dame cited in Buffalo shooter's manifesto

The 180-page White Supremacist manifesto that preceded the deadly shooting in Buffalo cited a White Catholic professor from one of the nation's most prestigious Catholic universities.

Opinion: American Catholic bishops owe us more in response to anti-Black terrorism

US bishops' responses to the recent racist massacre in Buffalo have varied widely, with some prelates avoiding the elephant in the room. Briana Jansky dissects the inaction.

Catholic bishops react to White terrorism attack in Buffalo

Following a deadly mass shooting targeting African Americans in upstate New York, Catholic bishops respond—drawing mixed reactions.

Fr George Clements subject of abuse claim settled by Chicago archdiocese

After being partially cleared of an allegation following his death in 2019, a pioneering Black priest in Chicago is again the subject of a child sex abuse case.

Catholic bishops, advocates praise decision to halt execution of Melissa Lucio

A Catholic mother of 14 in Texas has been spared execution for the time being, garnering a sigh of relief from supporters nationwide.

Charleston Diocese issues statement on temporary stay of execution for Richard Moore

The Diocese of Charleston has again spoken out in support of clemency for South Carolina's Richard Moore, who was granted a stay of execution on Wednesday.

St. Alphonsus "Rock" Church in St. Louis robbed of $20,000 AC units

A popular Black parish in St. Louis fell victim to large-scale theft last week, the latest to strike the 161-year-old Catholic community.
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