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Sarah's Children: Lisa Montgomery scheduled for execution tomorrow

Less than a week after Pres. Trump's incitement of terrorism, his administration plans to execute another federal prisoner—the first such woman in 67 years.

Maryland (and DC) bishops speak out against scheduled execution of Dustin Higgs

Two of the five active Black bishops join Maryland's shepherds in condemning Trump's plan to execute a local man convicted of involvement in a triple murder.

Rachael's Children: Alfred Bourgeois becomes 10th victim of Trump's federal executions—all since June

The Trump administration takes federal executions into the double digits in a calendar year for the first time since the turn of the 20th century.

Herod's Children: Two more federal executions scheduled for the 2nd week of Advent

The Trump administration seeks to continue its execution spree, spearheaded by AG BIll Barr, a Catholic, and a compliant Supreme Court filled with his coreligionists.

'In the Lion's Den': Slew of new executions scheduled for lame-duck period

The Trump administration ramps up federal executions in anticipation of President-elect Joe Biden's impending inauguration.

Latest federal execution spearheaded by Catholic judiciary officials

Catholic teaching nowhere to be found as the latest death row inmate is executed with the help of not a few prominent (and professing) judicial officials.
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