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Pending Vatican appeal, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Seattle to close after 120 years

A formerly Black parish in Seattle has been merged with a nearby multicultural parish—though parishioners are seeking a reversal from Rome.

St Louis Catholic Church in Kansas City closes after 103 years

One of Kansas City, Missouri's few remaining Black parishes was closed last month, part of a reorganization process under one of the nation's most conservative bishops.

Review: "A Place at the Table" inspires hope with US Black Catholic saints-to-be

A new documentary covering the lives of the six African-American Catholics on the path to sainthood succeeds mightily, says Briana Jansky.

Opinion: It wasn't easy being a Black Catholic woman in seminary at Candler

A Methodist seminary in Atlanta is one of the few with a Catholic Studies program built in. Terresa Ford recounts her unique (and challenging) experience.

Reflection: Carlos Manuel Rodríguez–Puerto Rico's Black blessed?

Today marks the 59th anniversary of the death of a famed catechist and liturgist who just might be the first Black saint from the United States.

Black Catholics aplenty in the 2022 Catholic Press Awards

Black Catholics and topics of interest to African Americans were in no short supply among winners and honorees at the Catholic Media Conference on Thursday night.

Spiritans to celebrate 150 years in US with Mass at Xavier University of Louisiana

A historic religious order known for its work with African Americans is celebrating 150 years of US ministry with a Mass at the Institute for Black Catholic Studies.
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