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Black Catholics bring unique perspective to the World Day for Consecrated Life

Hundreds gathered virtually to celebrate the World Day for Consecrated Life, an annual vocations event. Two Black Catholics shared during the event.

Next USCCB young adult listening session to be led by Black Catholics

The USCCB's virtual young adult listening sessions are ongoing, and the Black Catholic one is upcoming.

Amanda Gorman: Poet Laureate, bestseller, Ivy Leaguer and Black Catholic

Though the world may not yet know it, the nation's first National Youth Poet Laureate, author of the most riveting poem of recent memory, is a Black Catholic.

As year 42 approaches, a brief history of the Institute for Black Catholic Studies

XULA's Institute for Black Catholic Studies (IBCS) enters its 42nd year this summer, continuing a long tradition of self-initiated innovation and education.

New Orleans archdiocese's 'Symposium for Systemic Change' highlights (and displays) shortcomings

An annual justice symposium in New Orleans proceeded virtually this year, led by a number of notable names. Issues with optics and logistics, however, also played a role.

Where to stream a Catholic MLK Weekend event

The coming weekend brings a slate of Catholic events dedicated to MLK, racial justice, healing, and unity. We've compiled a few notable ones for you here.

USCCB continues 'Journeying Together' intercultural series on January 13th

The USCCB looks to make good on the Synod on Young People, continuing its dialogue series on January 13th with a session led by indigenous Catholics.
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