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Gloria Purvis named inaugural fellow at Notre Dame pro-life office

Good deeds are going unpunished in South Bend—rewarded in fact, as Gloria Purvis is appointed to a pro-life fellowship aimed at centering racial justice in the Church.

Gloria Purvis on speakers' circuit in coming months, including tonight at Benedictine College

The nation's Black Catholic media maven will begin a slate of upcoming speaking events tonight in Kansas, speaking on racism as a pro-life issue.

Guadalupe Radio Network adds (extreme) Black Traditionalist to the air

As the saga regarding Gloria Purvis, "Morning Glory", and EWTN continues to unfold, the first domino in the story—Guadalupe Radio Network—has managed to avoid controversy over their newest Black host.

Opinion: Gloria Purvis deserved better

In the wake of EWTN's widely-condemned decision to remove Gloria Purvis from the air, Black Catholic author Alessandra Harris speaks out in her defense.

'Morning Glory' officially out at EWTN

The inevitable has become reality, as EWTN goes the way of Rome in removing its bastion of anti-racism and Consistent Life: Gloria Purvis and Morning Glory.
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