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Black Catholic lawmaker throws support behind transgender sports bill

After his bill to improve schools in Houston gets shot down by his own party, a Texas state legislator moves to support a bid regulating trans children in sports.

William J. Walker sworn in as sergeant-at-arms of the US House

Maj. Gen. William J. Walker, Chicago's own and child of the Church, is the newest head of security for the US House of Representatives.

USCCB to vote in June on rebuke of President Biden, other pro-choice politicians

After nearly 100 days in office, Biden faces increasing scrutiny from more conservative members of the US bishops' conference, even as other members dissent.

'They are killing my people': a poem

A lyrical offering which reflects on the recent—if not endemic—violence facing Black people.

Two more Black Catholics added to the nascent Biden administration

The Biden administration can't seem to resist his African-American co-religionists, this week appointing two more to high-ranking positions.

Statement on the conviction of Derek Chauvin

The official statement of Black Catholic Messenger on the conviction of one Derek Chauvin—murderer of George Floyd, former police officer, and current inmate.

Former DA Seth Williams back to work, pursuing justice

Seth Williams is back in action, working to help Philadelphians returning from incarceration—just as he recently did, with faith and advice to share.
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