Efran Menny

Efran Menny

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  • Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

'Black Saints Matter': Caribbean artist highlighting Black saints with original artwork, upcoming graphic novels

A new set of Black saint icons is taking the web by storm, and the creator is ramping up for a set of graphic novels highlighting the diaspora's finest.

Reflection: Simon of Cyrene, a model of hope for Catholics of African descent

Efran Menny offers a reflection on Simon of Cyrene, an ancient African saint who models service and hope for the children of the diaspora.

Menny podcasts: how one Black Catholic is highlighting the faith

Black Catholic Efran Menny explains his podcasting ministry, which originally flowed from his blog a general commitment to the New Evangelization.

Neglecting Black Catholic history

Black Catholic podcaster Efram Menny advocates for Black Catholic history—American and Catholic history that is often set (and cast) aside.
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