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Anonymous, Church-run survey seeks Black Catholic respondents

Black Catholics now have a new opportunity to be heard, in the form of an anonymous survey making the rounds online. The source, however, remains under wraps.

Pope Francis receives, blesses NBA jersey from the Atlanta Hawks

Following last Fall's visit to the Vatican from NBA players and union officials, an NBA team has sent the Pope a customized jersey. It appears he likes it.

New Orleans archdiocese's 'Symposium for Systemic Change' highlights (and displays) shortcomings

An annual justice symposium in New Orleans proceeded virtually this year, led by a number of notable names. Issues with optics and logistics, however, also played a role.

Lisa Montgomery's life hangs in the balance as the Supreme Court debates and Congress moves

As the Trump administration rushes to take more lives in its final 8 days, legislators look to do away with government-sponsored killings altogether.

Where to stream a Catholic MLK Weekend event

The coming weekend brings a slate of Catholic events dedicated to MLK, racial justice, healing, and unity. We've compiled a few notable ones for you here.

Sarah's Children: Lisa Montgomery scheduled for execution tomorrow

Less than a week after Pres. Trump's incitement of terrorism, his administration plans to execute another federal prisoner—the first such woman in 67 years.

Black Catholic Round-up (1/10/2021)

The latest #BlackCatholicRoundup includes a new initiative on the 6 US Black Catholic saints, a series of history features, and more.
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