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'Mr. Kujichagulia': a poem

Kobe "Bean" Bryant and his daughter Gianna passed away one year ago today, shortly after going to church to pray. On this day, we honor his legacy of faith.

Kobe Bryant

The complexity of a Rubix cube

A man vs self to propel one’s self

Launching his soul vying to make that heavenly roster

Redeeming values to do penance, bandaging the scars during a darkened period

Rising to the cup bringing his family to a space of love

Sparkling in Baptism that Roman Catholicism

A man of all seasons leaving a legacy to build for his queens

An eternal Laker to flow, Mr. Kujichagulia soaring to that next level!

Jenarío Decarlo Morgan is a native Detroiter, resident of South Bend, husband, and father of two. Currently a paraprofessional at South Bend Riley High School, for 12 years he taught theology in Detroit—where he was the first diversity director for the local Knights of Columbus. (He is also a former Grand Knight.)