Kobe Bryant

The complexity of a Rubix cube

A man vs self to propel one’s self

Launching his soul vying to make that heavenly roster

Redeeming values to do penance, bandaging the scars during a darkened period

Rising to the cup bringing his family to a space of love

Sparkling in Baptism that Roman Catholicism

A man of all seasons leaving a legacy to build for his queens

An eternal Laker to flow, Mr. Kujichagulia soaring to that next level!

Jenarío Decarlo Morgan is a native Detroiter, resident of South Bend, husband, and father of two. Currently a paraprofessional at South Bend Riley High School, for 12 years he taught theology in Detroit—where he was the first diversity director for the local Knights of Columbus. (He is also a former Grand Knight.)