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Review: 'Black Catholics on the Road to Sainthood' (part 2)

Henriette Delille overcame multiple bishops to found the second Black religious order in the US in 1837. You wouldn't know it from reading Michael Heinlein's new Black saints book, though.

Review: 'Black Catholics on the Road to Sainthood' (part 1)

The new (and first) book covering the 6 Black Catholics on the path to sainthood gives an interesting take on Venerable Pierre Toussaint in its first chapter.

'Economy Hall': Upcoming book covers free Black activists in 1800s New Orleans—including Catholics

Black Catholic history features in a new book from Fatima Shaik, a NOLA native who recently scoured the archives concerning a legendary mutual aid society.

Opinion: New book on Black saints-to-be may fall flat

A new book on the six African-American saintly hopefuls may be the first of its kind—but also the least.

Black Catholic Round-up (12/5/2020)

The latest #BlackCatholicRoundup includes Christmas gift ideas, a heaping helping of Kobe Bryant, and more!

Black Catholic Round-up, Book edition (12/2/2020)

The latest and greatest in literature covering Black Catholics—including upcoming works in 2021.
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