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MOSAIC Soul enlivening the vocal music scene of Chicago—from a Black Catholic HQ

A new musical group in Chicago, led by a Black Catholic co-founder and fueled by local connections, is set to release its debut album on Sunday.

Saint Sabina to hold pro-Pfleger protest of Cardinal Cupich on Wednesday

Fr Michael Pfleger remains mum on the sex abuse allegations against him, but his parish and supporters continue to pressure Cardinal Cupich for reinstatement.

Black Catholic Round-up (2/9/2021)

Black History Month has brought a bevy of stories concerning Black Catholics already, but the topics covered are by no means limited to history. Read on!

Historic Black parishes in Chicago on the chopping block

Several Chicago Black parishes will soon merge or close, with the parochial legacy of legendary Black priests falling victim to the bottom line.

Following a familiar trend, supporters rally around Fr Pfleger

In a pattern unfortunately quite familiar within the US Church, an accused priest is receiving unfettered support from his flock—unlike the possible victim.

Father Michael Pfleger removed from ministry over sex abuse allegations (updated)

Chicago's most prominent priest is alleged to have sexually abused a minor roughly 40 years ago—a period when several area Black priests most certainly did.

Picture of Chicago's Tolton Spirituality Center becomes clearer

The nascent Tolton Center will apparently have a unique relationship with both Ven. Fr Augustus' sainthood cause and Chicago's parish reorganization plans.
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