Reflection: Tupac’s wisdom challenges the culture

Efran Menny discusses how a popular song from one of the greatest rappers of all time fits into the narrative of Black liberation and intracommunity uplift.

A tweet in time: Black Catholics in the age of liturgical shaming

A Black parish in Mobile was the subject of online controversy after posting a video of a parishioner dancing at Mass. Nate Tinner-Williams explains.

The Black Pope and slavery: silence amid the madness

The Jesuit's top priest paid a mostly secret visit to the US last week, and one Black Catholic academic says African Americans deserved much more.

Opinion: The American Catholic hierarchy may not be ready for a post-Roe world

A Black Catholic in the nation's largest city—and its Blackest diocese by population—has doubts that episcopal messaging will evolve now that abortion is on the ropes.
Young People

Info webinar on 2023 National Black Catholic Congress scheduled for July 31st

The nation's premier Black Catholic gathering is taking shape, and a webinar this weekend will help prepare participants for the upcoming event.

Houston's planned St. Peter Catholic Career and Technical High School raises $6.6M

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston has announced a major milestone in the fundraising efforts for the planned St. Peter Catholic Career and Technical High School on the south side of Houston—

Saint Peter Claver Foundation scholarship gala set for July 16th in Illinois

The charitable arm of the Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary will host its annual gala on Saturday during its national convention near Chicago.

Black Catholics aplenty in the 2022 Catholic Press Awards

Black Catholics and topics of interest to African Americans were in no short supply among winners and honorees at the Catholic Media Conference on Thursday night.
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