A Black Catholic choir almost forgotten in the day's ado

The Black Catholic angle of the Biden-Harris inauguration day was not impossible to find, but it wasn't obvious either. Such is the life of double minorities.

Opinion: Racism and what we are not told

Briana Huddleston dissects one of Fr James Altman's alarming homilies from the past year, explaining how fake news and racism damages the Church's witness.

Opinion: Living the Gospel as religious brothers

Brian Poulin, FMS, offers a reflection on life as a religious brother—explaining how it differs from lay as well as priestly life, and how its call remains poignant today.

Opinion: Black Catholic faces in high places

In the wake of a right-wing terrorist attack on the capitol, Nate Tinner-Williams critiques Black Catholic voices willing to justify and defend extremism.

Black Catholic Round-up (1/10/2021)

The latest #BlackCatholicRoundup includes a new initiative on the 6 US Black Catholic saints, a series of history features, and more.

Black Catholic Round-up (New Year's edition)

Rounding out a year of unexpected tragedies, triumphs, and uncoverings, we reflect on stories honoring the principle of "Imani" to bring in the new year.

Black Catholic Round-up (12/18/2020)

This edition of the #BlackCatholicRoundup includes reflections from Black Catholic leaders, historic donations to and from Black institutions, responses to racism from around the country, and more!

Black Catholic Round-up (12/10/2020)

The latest #BlackCatholicRoundup includes a stocking stuffer, a Christmas concert, a museum opening, a school closing, and more.
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