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Review: 'Powerful' new book explores Catholic racism from a Black perspective

A new book explores the struggle of Black Catholics to find a home in the Church, and the path forward for authentic and meaningful anti-racist ministry.

Podcast on racism debuts next week from USCCB's Catholic News Service

The US bishops' news bureau will soon debut its second podcast in 6 months, covering racism in the history of the Catholic Church.

Reflection: Black History Month is a time to love ourselves and champion excellence

Tevin Williams, a young Black Catholic in New York City, reflects on Black History Month and the need for a continued focus on resilience and achievement.

Reflection: Black Catholics should see Malcolm X as 'a hero'

Gunnar Gundersen reflects on the witness of Malcolm X as a fiercely pro-Black advocate who was once honored as such by a future Catholic saint.

Black Catholics reflect on racism and resistance in webinar from Knights of Peter Claver

A cross-section of Black Catholic leaders met on Saturday to discuss the ongoing struggle against racism in and outside the Catholic Church.

Reflection: Knowledge of Black history is essential to Black Catholic heritage

An African-American Josephite priest in Los Angeles reminds Black Catholics that amidst repressive legislation, the true teaching of history remains key.

Reflection: African Americans are the Church's forgotten Gentiles

Efran Menny finds the Black Catholic struggle—and hope—in the story of Cornelius, the topic of last Sunday's Mass readings.
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